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Payment is due on the day of service. I accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, HSA and FSA cards.

In order to provide physical therapy which focuses on the patient's needs  rather than insurance regulations, Connections Physical Therapy, LLC does not submit claims to insurance companies and is considered an "out of network " provider. If you would like to submit a claim to your insurance company, please notify me at the beginning of your session and I will be happy to furnish you with a "superbill" which contains billing and diagnostic codes. (If you call your insurance company to check your benefits, please remember to specify that the provider is "out of network" for "in office" physical therapy and ask if your insurance requires pre-authorization or a physician's referral.)

Unfortunately, as an "out of network" provider, I am not allowed to accept payment from traditional "fee-for-service" Medicare  beneficiaries . (This does not apply to wellness treatments and may not apply to patients with Medicare replacement plans.)

Wellness  Treatment  Sessions

CranioSacral Therapy

Most insurance companies will not reimburse for wellness treatments. All wellness patients must be seen for an initial physical therapy evaluation prior to treatment.

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation     $95

Physical Therapy Treatment                   $85  

Wellness Treatment Session                   $85 


All sessions are 55 minutes


Initial Evaluation

Pelvic floor women's health physical therapy and myofascial release

To promote optimal health

CranioSacral Therapy enhances the functioning of the CranioSacral system. This system is made up of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid which surround the brain and spinal cord. Treatment complements the body's own natural ability to heal itself.  A CranioSacral Therapy session is very gentle and relaxing and is performed with the patient lying on his/her back while fully clothed.

Personalized Care by Susan O'Carroll PT

Myofascial Release is a hands-on, natural healing method which addresses connective tissues restrictions throughout the body. Fascia covers the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs  and connects all of these structures. Restrictions in one area of the body (caused by trauma, surgery or inflammation)  can result in pressure and symptoms in other areas of the body. Myofascial Release  can decrease pain and tension, increase mobility, and improve posture. 

A Myofascial Release wellness treatment session consists of a variety of direct and indirect techniques, performed directly on the skin without lotions or oils, utilizing  sustained pressure. Myofascial Unwinding, a gentle technique which involves the therapist guiding your body into positions which allow the release of restrictions and promotes self-healing, may also be used.

According to your treatment plan, I may use a variety of manual techniques, exercise, and patient education to address your issues. I will continually reassess your condition each visit and adapt your treatment plan accordingly.

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle form of manual therapy (also called organ specific fascial mobilization) which assists the body in correcting itself. Viscera refers to the internal organs such as the liver, stomach, gall bladder and intestines.  Your organs are connected to each other and other structures of the body by fascia.  Restrictions in the fascia from inflammation, scar tissue  from previous surgeries, trauma and/or poor posture can cause dysfunction in the organ and pain and dysfunction in other parts of your body. During a visceral manipulation assessment, the whole body is scanned to find the site of dysfunction which may be causing symptoms elsewhere.

Myofascial Release


Physical Therapy

I will perform a physical therapy evaluation, design an individualized treatment plan for you based on the findings and your goals, and initiate treatment on the first visit.


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